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Plastic Staples for the Marine Industry

TAGAplus manufacturers plastic staples and markets the staples along with a range of applicators for applying the staples for use in

  • The building industry
  • Applying labels onto timber
  • Marine upholstery
  • Furniture manufacturing & upholstery
  • Fitting safety matting on walkways & bridges

The staples are

  • Non conductive
  • Non corrosive
  • Resistance to light
  • Resistant to common chemicals
  • Do not rust
  • Do not chip or blunt down stream processing equipment

We have a range of applicators, to fix the plastic staples. The pneumatic Duoplas Stapler is specifically designed to handle the staples and, is unique in that it can apply both sizes of staple simultaneously (a world first). We also have a battery-operated applicator for portable use and, a hammer stapler in our range along with conventional hand operated staplers and tackers.

Our range includes:

  • 1010 = 10mm crown, 10mm leg, 1.4mm profile
  • 1013 = 10mm crown, 13mm leg, 1.4mm profile
  • 1309 = 12.7mm crown, 9mm leg, 1.2mm profile

We have an ‘Ultra Tough’ plastic staple, specifically formulated for Marine use.

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